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Dear Members of the Corps of Signals fratenity,
With grief we are posting details of our colleagues who leave for their heavenly abode. We request members to forward their "shradhanjali". Kindly share with us the photographs, fond memories and association.
We await tributes from associates/ course mates for publication.
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  • Monday, February 28, 2011

    Brig AS Apte

    Brig APS Apte (Retd) at the E-Seva at Secunderabad

    Please convey heartfelt condolesenses to the family of Brig Apte. He was my first coy cmdr in 26 Inf Div Sig Regt in 1961 and I have great regards for him and had learnt a lot from him.
    Brig D K Uberoy (Retd)

    We regret to inform the sad demise of IC-1720 Brig AS Apte (Retd) on 26 Feb 2011. The details of his family are as follows:
    Next of Kin: Mrs Sunanda Apte (Wife)
    Children: Mr Ashok Apte (Son) and Mrs Jaisree (Daughter)
    Tele/ Mob No: 040-27112585
    Postal Address: House No B-138, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad-500594
    Other Information about Officer
    1. Date of Birth: 20 Sep 1925
    2. Date of Commission: 07 Jun 1947
    3. Date of Retirement: 31 Aug 1975
    4. Date of Demise: 26 Feb2011
    5. Last Appointment Held: CSO 15 Corps   
    With Warm Regards,
    Lt Col AS Mankoo
    Dir Sigs Adm

    Brig AS Apte

    Brig AS Apte (Retd), Maj Sastry and Sub Maj Jagdish Raj cut the cake to mark the 93rd Corps of Signals anniversary at the Andhra Sub Area Signal Company at Bolarum

    Dear All,
    It is sad to hear the sad demise of Brig Apte whom I have known since 1972 and later from 1982 onwards. I called on him on Oct 2010. He was fragile but still in great spirits and was keen to meet over a cup a tea. As a member of our Sainikpuri Society, he did yeomen service to the veterans settled down in and around Sainikpuri society.
    1. Worked relentlessly to get the Post Office to the colony.
    2. Managed to get Sub-Area Canteen outlet to the Colony.
    3. Took great initiative to organise voluntary help at MI room established at Vayupuri colony and also at Sarada Hospital (Under Ramakrishna Mission) opposite our colony
    I must share this with all of you for posterity to honour the departed soul where he could deny the privileges for the welfare of junior officers.
    When he was our CSO 15 Corps, I was serving in 3 Inf Div Sig Regt during 72-75. I was nominated for Pre-Staff course at Gulmarg and another signal officer Maj Sarna from J Comn Sig Regt was also nominated. He was so kind to allot Mercury hut for both of us breaking all norms for the entire duration of the course so that we both could comfortably stay with family. Having done that, he had to face the crisis of S-O-in-C designate Gen Sapra wanting to stay during that time.
    CO of the 15 Corps Sig Regt ordered us to vacate without making any alterante arrangements for us. When he came to know of it, he fired the CO and asked him to make alternate arrangements to the S-O-in-C designate without disturbing us.
    I narrated this incident several times to the retired signal officers and sharing with you all now. This is the only way I can pay my tributes to him being in US since December 2010. I am fortunate to have almost 30 years of continuous association with him after his retirement.
    Please convey our deep sympathies to Mrs Apte and his daughter and son-in-law Uppal when you meet them.
    In Sorrow,
    Col (Retd) KP Rao and family

    I am deeply grieved to learn of the sad demise of Brig Apte. I am writing to Mrs Sunanda Apte and to his younger brother Lt Gen SS Apte (Bapu).
    Brig Anand Apte did OLT course together at Mhow and became close friends for life. I last met him when I went to look him up at his house in secunderabad two years back. Anand Apte was one of the most principled and upright persons I have ever met.
    -Veteran BK Rai

    Brig AS Apte

    It was with deep distress that we learnt of the sad demise of Anand Apte. I have just spoken to his wife and conveyed our deep condolences.
    He joined the IMA with the First Post War(1939-45) Course on 18 Feb 1946 and though he was commissioned, six months later than us, in Jun 1947, he was always considered part of the First Course.
    Anand served as a colleague with me in the Signals Directorate in the early sixties. He was a fine officer, extremely dedicated to make a thorough job of whatever was assigned to him; a thorough gentleman and a good friend. After retirement he remained in close touch with all Corps events. I am aware he attended every function at which veterans were invited and did all he could to boost the morale of veterans and serving personnel alike.
    It may not be well-known but he was so attached to the Corps and the First Course, in particular, that he established contact with GOCinC ARTRAC, during his visit to Secunderabad and followed it up with him, when he became the COAS, to seek concurrence to a Signal officer of the First Course to review the Passing out Parade at the IMA on a suitable date, preferably the 60th Anniversary of commissioning of the First Course in Dec 2006. It was his regret that the request could not be acceded due to prevalent custom and tradition.
    We invoke the Blessings of the Almighty to grant peace to the departed soul and courage to the family to bear the loss with fortitude
    With regards
    (Lt Gen MS Sodhi, Former SO-in-C)

    I offer my Shradhanjli to the departed soul.
    It was great to know Late Brig A S Apte. He will be remembered for his great Community Service at Sainikpuri and one of his great writing “A Spiritual Odyssey - An Exploration of the Scriptures of the Nine Living Religions of the World”.
    Lt Col(retd) V V P Menon

    Brig AS Apte

    It is with a sense of deep regret that I read the email that conveys the news of the sad demise of Brig AS Apte (retd).
    A great decisive signaller with humane approach, who accepted responsibility for his command and radiated confidence. He will be missed by the lucky ones who got to know him and learn from him.
    I salute the lady who stood by him; Pray to GOD to give her strength to bear this seperation.
    Brig. G. Natarajan, Signals

    Deepest Condolences on passing away of a stalwart Signaller who was liked & loved by all who came in his contact ...... chandra & latika shukla
    Chandra B Shukla

    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    Brig AS Apte

    26 Feb 10.
    Dear Signallers,
    I am sad to inform you about demise of Brig AS Apte, Signals Veteran, on 26 Feb 2011, at Secunderabad. He had been ailing for some time.
    Next of Kin: Mrs Apte, (Regret first name not known), Wife – Phone - 040-27112585. B-138, SainikPuri, Secunderabad-94.
    I had the privilege of serving under Brig Apte twice. In first tenure with him I was Sublatern A Sec in 26 Inf Div Sig Regt and he was our Company Commander. In second tenure he was commanding the 36 Inf Div Sig Regt at Saugar and I was OC 115 Inf Bde Sig Coy at Dhana.
    He was very kind hearted and thorough in professional knowledge. He was very quick in giving decisions and always supported the decisions taken by his subordinates.
    Please see email received from Lt Gen SRR Aiyengar, appended below.
    We pray to Almighty to give peace to the departed soul and strength to all near ones and dear ones to bear this irreparable loss.
    Those of you who wish to write a "Shradhanjli", may kindly send it for being posted on this weblog -
    The Shradhanjli be kindly emailed to- Col James Kanagaraj, The Moderator at - reportmysignalblogspot(at)
    In sorrow -
    Chander Kamboj.

    From: ranga aiyengar
    Sent: 26 February 2011 20:46

    Dear Chander,
    It is with deep sorrow that i wish to convey the news of the sad demise of Brig AS Apte (Retd). He had been ailing for some time and died at approx 1630 hrs on Saturday, 26 Feb. He is survived by his wife, son and daughter (married).
    With deep sorrow
    Lt Gen (Retd) SRR Aiyengar

    Sunday, February 20, 2011

    Lt Col Mukesh Sharma

    Lt Col Mukesh Sharma was my immediate junior in the Corps of Sgnals. My association with him has been extremely cordial. He was kind, helpful and cared for his friends always and every time.
    I feel the great loss created by his untimely demise.
    May his soul rest in peace and let God give strength to Rekha and children to bear the loss.
    Lt Col (Retd) S Atholi
    [IC 33368H]

    Lt Col Mukesh Sharma

    I was deeply shocked by the untimely and sad demise of Lt Col Mukesh Sharma.
    Mukesh happened to be the course senior of SSC SODE course in CME way back in 1978-79 where I happened to be his group officer. He was an officer who was extremely mature, much beyond his age and service. He was very caring and always acted as a buffer to safeguard the interests of his fellow students.
    Once in 1983, I had to rush my two year old son to Command Hospital Lucknow for an emergency treatment. Mukesh who was posted there came immediately and lent his scooter to me for running around. Next day I saw him walking to the CH to enquire about my son. Mrs Shrama too took extra care of my son while in hospital. Mukesh was without a transport for next four days.
    Very few people can have the golden heart like Mukesh.
    May God grant peace to the departed soul and give courage to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.
    Deeply in sorrow,
    Lt Gen A K Saini

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    IC-33370A Lt Col Mukesh Kumar

    Deeply grieved to read that Col Mukesh Kumar, a very young veteran, is NO more.
    May GOD give courage and strength to Mrs Rekha Sharma, Maj Amit Sharma,
    Mr Ashish Sharma, and the near and dear ones to bear this irrepairable loss and to carry forward the values he cherished.
    Brig G Natarajan, Signals

    IC-33370A Lt Col Mukesh Kumar

    Dear Signallers,
    I am sad to inform you about demise of IC-33370A Lt Col Mukesh Kumar, Veteran Signaller, of SS-14 course, at 3.50 AM, on 17 Feb 11, at his residence in Bhopal.
    Next of Kin
    Mrs Rekha Sharma (wife),
    Land line: 0755-2464747,
    Mobile: 9009682225, 7566065660
    Postal Address.
    G-3, Janki Enclave, Chuna Bhatti, Bhopal (MP)-462016
    Cremation Was held on 17 Feb 11.
    Chautha Ceremony.
    Chautha & Uthala will be held on 20 Feb 2011 (Sunday) at 10.00am (tentatively) at his residence G-3, Janki Enclave, Chuna Bhatti, Bhopal-462016.
    Please see emails received from Dte Gen of Signals and Col Umakant Saxena appended below.
    We pray to Almighty to give peace to the departed soul and strength to all his near ones and dear ones to bear this irreparable loss.
    Those of you who wish to write a "Shradhanjli", may kindly send it for being posted on our weblog -
    The Shradhanjli be kindly emailed to - Col James Kanagaraj, The Moderator at -
    In sorrow -
    Chander Kamboj.

    From Dte Gen of Signals
    We regret to inform the sad demise of IC-33370A Lt Col Mukesh Kumar (Retd) on 17 Feb 2011.
    The details of his family are as follows:-
    Next of Kin
    Name and relationship: Mrs Rekha Sharma (Wife)
    Name of Children: Maj Amit Sharma (AEC), Mr AshisSharma (Son, 26 Yrs Software Engineer Coy, Pune)
    Address: G-3, Janki Enclave, Chuna Bhatti, Bhopal (MP)-462016
    Date and Time of Cremation: Subhash Nagar Crematorium, Bhopal (MP) at 1600h on 17 Feb 2011.
    Other Information about Officer
    1. Date of Birth: 20 Oct 1950
    2. Date of Commission: 03 Dec 1973
    3. Date of Retirement: 31 Oct 2003
    4. Date of Demise: 17 Feb2011
    AS Mankoo
    Lt Col
    Dir Sigs Adm
    For SO-in-C
    Feb 2011
    Copy to:-
    SO to SO-in-C
    MCTE, Mhow
    Sigs-9 (CDM)

    From: umakant saxena
    Sent: 17 February 2011 22:48
    Dear Sir,
    With profound grief, we inform the sad demise of Lt Col Mukesh Sharma (Retd) of SS-14 course on 17 Feb 2011 at 3.50 am at his residence in Bhopal. He was an officer who lived upto the true definition of brotherhood, compassion and camaraderie. And has roped-in thousands of friends by a single chain of love and affection.
    Chauthala & Uthala will be held on 20 Feb 2011 (Sunday) at 10.00am (tentatively) at his residence G-3, Janki Enklave, Chuna Bhatti, Bhopal-462016.
    May God give strength to the family members to bear the great loss.
    Details of his family:
    Mrs Rekha Sharma (wife)
    Maj Amit Sharma (Son)
    Mr Ashish Sharma (Son)
    Col Umakant Saxena

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    Brig Yeshwant Desai, AVSM

    My association with Brig Yeshwant goes back to 1952 when I was posted to the Signals Directorate as GSO3 (Traffic and Procedure) and he was the GSO2(Comns). I can rightly say that he was the one who introduced me to staff work at Army HQ and dealings with the Ministry of Defence, which was to stand me in good stead for my subsequent tenures at the Directorate. It is almost over six decades ago, but I cannot recall any situation that ruffled him. Needless to say there were many, in the early days of establishing procedures and standardising the functioning of Signal Centres'. The General Staff at Army HQ, as we saw it, had little depth of knowledge of communications problems. He, to his credit, resolved almost all of them at his level. His demeanour, as an immediate superior, was polite and understanding. Guidance to junior staff was based on thorough knowledge and clarity of thought. A good lesson to have learnt in one's early years.
    I had the pleasure of meeting him at a recent SOinC's Conclave Social a couple of years ago and he was his usual cheerful and affable self. Little did one realise that would be a farewell meet. In him the Corps has lost a veteran whose qualities of an officer and gentleman could and should be well emulated. He and his wife Suhas were a very likeable couple and they made both junior officers and others feel comfortable in their company.
    We invoke the Blessings of God for the departed soul and strength and courage to his wife and the family to bear his physical absence with fortitude.
    Lt Gen MS Sodhi (Retd)

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    Brig Yeshwant Desai, AVSM

    I first met Brig Desai in 1970, when he was the Dy Comdt MCTE, and we were doing SODE 22. He had recently come from a foreign assignment (MA in Germany, I think). Mrs Desai soon became a favourite with us bachelors, as she never refused a dance!. Their young daughter too was much in demand as a dancing partner. They were the epitome of grace and gentle behaviour, even with young officers. No wonder, The Deputy Comdt's house was the one where all the YO's went first, to perform the then sacrosanct duty of calling on senior officers.
    My last meeting with him was in Defence Colony about two years back, when I met him to get some inputs for the Corps History. As usual, Mrs Desai was the same gracious hostess that she had been almost 40 years earlier.
    In his departure, the Corps has lost one of its finest officers. I pray for peace to his departed soul.
    Maj Gen VK Singh (Retd)

    Brig Yeshwant Desai, AVSM

    Brig Desai Chief Signal Officer 33 Corps

    with Maj Saldana OC 164 Brigade Sig Coy
    Brig Deasi was the the CSO 33 Corps when I was commanding 27 Mtn S Div Sig Regt at Kalimpong during the fateful days of 1971/72
    Later we remained in touch at Delhi, having red my first book 'Letters From The Border' he kept goading me to write another which resulted in 'A Soldiers Journey Through Life with Two Wives'. He invited me to Delhi Gemkhana for a cermonial presentation of the book to the club library.
    A fine gentleman, will be remembered fondly by all who served under or with him.
    Pictures of his visit to 27 Mtn DIv just before the operations of 1971.
    Brig Lakshman

    Brig YS Desai , AVSM

    I have known Brig YS Desai as an extremely honest officer devoted to his profession. He was loved by juniors and seniors alike, and it was a pleasure to work under his guidance.
    I had the privilege of serving under him at the height of Bangla Desh War of 1971 in 33 Corps and shall always remember the support, guidance encouragement I received from him.
    Col SK Paranjape, Retd.

    Col & Mrs CK SESHADRI note with deep sorrow the sad demise of Brig
    Yeshwant Desai. I remember my close association with him and his
    family when he was the deputy commandant of MCTE, mhow where i was
    posted during 1967-70. He was very humble, gentle and hospitable.
    Our heartfelt condolences to Mrs Suhasini Desai, Jyothsna and Mekhala
    Col CK Seshadri (Retd)

    I feel very proud of the opportunity that i had in my YO days to get to know Brig Yeshwant Desai, AVSM (Retd), He left behind an everlasting pride in the Corps. Deeply regret at his farewell to his human body.May his soul rest in PEACE. May GOD give strength to near and dear ones to bear the loss and Courage to carry for ward the values he stood for.
    Brig G Natarajan (Retd)