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Dear Members of the Corps of Signals fratenity,
With grief we are posting details of our colleagues who leave for their heavenly abode. We request members to forward their "shradhanjali". Kindly share with us the photographs, fond memories and association.
We await tributes from associates/ course mates for publication.
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  • Sunday, February 28, 2010

    Lt Gen Krishnaswami Balaram PVSM (Retd)

    A DAUGHTER’S TRIBUTE: Lt Col (Dr) Radha J Joneja (Retd)

    The many stories that are associated with Dad, the numerous tributes pouring forth from the people who have known him have made me add my personal very favourite tribute to him.

    How did Entitled Rations become Authorised to the Defence Services?
    At the time Dad was the Adjutant General two of the major issues he handled were the Fourth Pay Commission and getting Authorised rations or Free rations ( as it was then called) for the Defence Services.

    When the file for the Free rations was ready the General sent it across to the Ministry for approval and signature. The file came back with some observations. Duly rectified the General sent it back. Again the file came back with some fresh observations. The General made the necessary corrections and sent it back. When this had occurred a few times the General got suspicious and sent one of his officers across to the Ministry to find out exactly what was needed to get the file through.

    The officer came back and told him that one of the officers in the Ministry who was vital for getting the file signed had a daughter in the Army Medical Corps who was posted in MH X and he wanted her posted to Delhi. “ Is that all?” said the General incredulously. Promptly he picked up the phone and called the DGMS (Army). Giving him the details of the Lady MO he told him “ issue the posting order and a copy of the same to be on my table by the afternoon”.

    A little later the DGMS (Army) called him back and told him “ Sir, this lady has been posted to MH X not even three months back. How can I issue another posting order for Delhi?”

    To this the General replied “ To you it is issuing the posting order of one Lady Medical Officer. To me it is a question of getting through Free rations for the entire Defence Forces. Issue the posting order and send me a copy within this hour.”

    The posting order was issued. A copy of the same was with the General within the hour. The file with the posting order was sent to the Ministry. The file was processed rapidly. Signed and returned to the General.

    Free Rations were then authorized and issued to the Defence Forces.

    Dad often looked at me and with a twinkle in his say “ Lady Medical Officers………God Bless them!!!”

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Lt Gen K Balaram PVSM, Media Tributes

    Dear Friends,
    Jai Hind. The Puja/ Prayer meeting for Late Lt Gen K Balaram, PVSM, will be held on 25 Feb 2010, between 1530h to 1630h, at Som Vihar Central Lawn, Som Vihar Apartments, RK Puram, New Delhi- 110066.
    In service of Indian Military Veterans
    Chander Kamboj

    Former Kurukshetra varsity VC Lt Gen K Balaram expires
    C.S.KANWAR Tuesday, 16 February 2010
    KURUKSHETRA: Lt General (retired) K. Balaram former vice chancellor of Kurukshetra University expired last night at his residence in New Delhi. The incumbent VC Lt General (retired) Dr DDS Sandhu broke this sad news in a crucial meeting of the Deans and Chairpersons in the senate Hall today.

    All those present in the meeting observed two minutes silence to pay homages to the departed soul and prayed to the Almighty to give consolation to the family members of the deceased and give peace to the departed souls in heaven.
    Lt General Balaram was only vice chancellor of the oldest university of Haryana who practised austerity and bridled the unbridled in the university whether in the teaching fraternity or in the categories of employees. He was the administrator who suspended an IAS Registrar Rajiv Arora and got his almirahs broke open in his absence where some important files were locked, just a few days before the expiry of his three year tenure. The Fauji Balaram was the VC who denied access to university auditorium to the then Prime Minister late Chander Shekhar who was to address a workers rally in the presence of the then Haryana CM Om Prakash Chautala. Although the District Magistrate used his special powers and acquisited the auditorium. The hand-over and take-over was done by the junior officers of the university and the district administration. Unlike today's vice chancellors in the country, Lt. General Balaram made his way to Delhi to attend a meeting and did not bother even to receive the PM at the helipad in the university sports grounds itself.

    Balaram used to walk to his office and back on Thursdays during the Iran-Iraq war to save petrol, a call given by the union ministry those days. He could venture sliding beneath his official car to repair it during the lunch break and then board it after stretching his safari suit which could be seen with torn stitches under the cockpits. He never availed any free medicines from the University Health centre , rather he was the VC who paid a cheque of five thousand rupees to the university in lieu of the reimbursement of medical bills despite the repeated requests to the contrary from the then SMO Dr Mrs S Maleyvar.

    He was so popular amongst teaching fraternity and also amongst employees that on his retirement, a ceremonial departure was performed by pulling the ropes tied to his car and a send-off was given at the Oasis at Karnal after which his convoy was escorted upto Delhi by the representatives of teachers and employees. His last words of advice to the university people were : 'Save this prestigious university from unscrupulous people if you can, let it flourish to blossom fully'.
    Former Kurukshetra varsity VC Lt.Gen K. Balaram expires

    Tributes paid to KU former VC
    Tribune News Service Kurukshetra, February 22
    Kurukshetra University staff paid tributes to former Vice-Chancellor, Lt- Gen K. Balram, who passed away on February 14, at a condolence meeting.

    Gen Balram, who adorned the office of Vice-Chancellor from August 8, 1989, to August 7, 1992, was a visionary and a man of action who took the bold decision to revise the syllabi of all postgraduate courses in tune with modern curriculum of UGC.

    Following up his plans to revise the syllabus, he took another major academic decision, asking all chairpersons to prepare lesson plans of the revised syllabi of a semester and put it in the library so that students could know in advance about the schedule of classes.

    Paying homage to the former vice-chancellor, the current incumbent, Lt-Gen (Dr.) DDS Sandhu, recalled his contributions in developing the varsity.

    "The university was in deficit when Gen Balram joined as its VC but he took bold fiscal decisions and covered the deficit. There was a serious problem of power failure in the hostels. The then VC solved it by getting the worn-out wirings changed, besides ensuring the installation of separate transformers", recalled Prof Raghvendra Tanwar, Registrar.
    Tributes paid to KU former VC

    Lt Gen K Balaram PVSM, is MTech in Telecommunication Engineering and MSc in Defence Science from UK and Madras respectively. Commandant of Defence Services Staff College from 1981 to 1983. He was the Vice Chancellor of Kurukshetra University, Haryana from August 1989 to August 1992. Great loss of a Soldier and Leader especially to the Corps of Signals fraternity. He will be remembered forever by his invention "Balaram Aerial/ Antenna" for extended Radio Communication.

    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    Lt Gen K Balaram

    The sad demise of Lt Gen K Balaram is indeed an irreparable loss to the corps in particular and the Indian Armed Forces in general.

    My first cousin Wg Cdr KSS Rajan (now late) and the general were close friends and classmates when both of them were studying in the St Joseph's college at Bangalore Cantt. They used to pass through our house in the heart of the city on their way to the college. Their families were neighbours at Ranga Rao Road Shankarpur Basavangudi. Although i was 2 years junior in age i always admired Balaram for his erudition, scholarly bearing. He and my cousin were in the college cricket team too.
    He was declared first class first from the Madras university when he got his BSc degree.

    Although i too was commissioned in to the corps of signals in 1949 my contacts with him have never been official. We only met at Bangalore whenever we three happened to be on leave. Knowing how forthright he was, i kept away from any contact in the then Infantry School Mhow when i was a student in the SO course and he a DS.. i always admired his professional ability and straight dealings.. i am sure the Sterling qualities of gentleman and outstanding abilities as a general were appreciated by the army as a result of which he was accorded the status of vice chief of army staff when he was the AG at the Army HQ.

    May God grant courage and fortitude to the members of his family to withstand the irreparable loss. Let us all pray to the Almighty God to bestow everlasting peace to the departed soul.
    Col N S Dwarakanath AVSM

    Words fail to express my condolence on the sad demise of Dear Revered Lt Gen K Balaram,PVSM. Thorough gentleman, philosopher and a very caring guide for all of us. He has left behind lot for us to follow his ideals.

    May the departed soul rest in peace , May GOD give the family and all of us courage to face this irreparable loss . I had the privilege of serving with the General Officer as his GSO3 ( Int ) at HQ 15 Corp 1974-75.
    Lt Col Suresh Sarine (Retd)

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Lt Gen K Balaram

    I have had the honor of doing DSSC 39(way back in 1983) under General K Balaram. Incidentally he was not only a great General but also a great scholar and an exemplary walking and talking model of integrity. in order to prove his influence on the students of that course I would like to say that more than 120 flag officers have been produced by that course. The next COAS designate, Seven C-in-C, 27 Lt Gens, 37 Maj Gens and equivalent and more than 50 Brigadiers and equivalent have been produced by that course.

    As Brig Adm 11 Corps I was fortunate to meet him and look after him for a day when he came to collect a car from Jhalandhar. I received him at the railway station personally and he said,"Why did you have to come"? In reply i said," as your student from 39 staff course i thought it would be appropriate if I come to receive you at the railway station". He simply smiled.

    May I on behalf of all the students of 39 staff corps (Army, Navy, Air force) pray to God for eternal peace for the General.
    With Regards,
    Brig(Retd) Kartar Singh
    President RESL

    Lt Gen K Balaram

    It is with a sense of loss that I read the news of Gen Balaram's demise. I was at DSSC in 1982 for the Staff Course when I came across this very human and unassuming General. What an impact he made on all of us with his sound professional knowledge and military acumen. His simplicity in everything he did was a source of inspiration. Perhaps he would be remembered for the change in learning environment he brought about at the DSSC. For the first time in 1982, he dispensed with the tie as an essential ingredient of the student officer's attire. His take on this was "How can you study with your neck in the noose!". He would listen in on sand model discussions and would not hesitate to tell the DS to amend the "Whites" if the presentation by the student group brought about a different but logical solution.
    My salute to Lt Gen Balaram.....a great general and a wonderful human being. May his soul rest in peace.
    Ashok D Chhibbar

    Lt Gen K Balaram

    1. I am shocked to learn about the demise of Gen Balaram. Pray for the his peaceful heavenly abode. I am sure he would have got the best place in the heaven for he was a very dutiful citizen of the God.
    2. I share your views about his running the Staff college. I was also present then doing DSSC 38 Course in 1982. Till date I emulate his teachings. Later when I was DS in 1995-98, I tried to emulate him. As a disciple of his, I could manage to follow not even 10% of what he taught us. He was a genuine person with no airs about him. Once, while returning from Coonoor, I noticed that near the bridge (WGC), he was changing the punctured wheel of his old Lambretta scooter himself. He refused help from us.
    3. I also remember, the present form of AWHO is his creation. It was not practical when we were contributing Rs 100 per month. He changed to the present form which has become roaring success.
    4. I also happened to meet him later when he was the VC of the Krukshetra University. We nostalgically recounted our staff college days.
    5. I consider him as one of my Guru, from whom, I learnt to be a human being.
    God Bless His Soul.
    ब्रिगडियर (रिटाइर्ड) सत्येन्द्र कुमार, सेना मेडल
    Brig (Retd) Satyendra Kumar, SM

    Lt Gen K Balaram, PVSM

    I would like to share a minor incident of my encounter with Late Gen Balaram with you. Being from the Corps of Signals it may interest you.

    In 1989, I was commanding an Artillery Brigade in J&K. My sister and her husband were both posted in Kurukshetra University as lecturers. My sister was overdue for promotion but it had been held up. The University was going through a bad period due to mismanagement and nepotism. To sort out the affair Gen Balaram was posted as the VC. My sister asked me to pay a visit and meet the General personally to plead her case for promotion. Used to the ways of civil she thought the VC being a retired General, would certainly give due weightage to a serving officer's recommendation. I was aware of General Balaram's spoken reputation. I tried to tell her how strict he was in his commitment to fairness and his aversion to pulling of strings but she did not believe it.

    Lest she drew an adverse conclusion about my reluctance, I decided to visit Kurukshetra on a week end. The next morning a Sunday I called up the VC, introduced myself and asked for an appointment. He must have partially guessed my purpose of seeing him. His reply was polite yet stunningly blunt, "You are welcome to have a cup of coffee with me but if you have come with a personal recommendation for some one, I shall send you back with a flea in your ear."

    Though embarrassed by the rebuff I felt proud at the same time. There was no point in going for the cup of coffee. I explained the difference between the cultures in the civil and the armed forces to my sister and her husband, with my head held high.

    Brig Onkar S Goraya (Retd)

    Lt Gen K Balaram, PVSM

    Reading Cdr Arun Saigal's nostalgic report on late Gen. K Balaram, brought a tear into my eyes. I was in the same 38th Staff Course as Cdr Arun Saigal and I had a very touching experience of Gen Balaram's fatherly posture. Just prior to the mid course 'Bharat Darshan' on the "Wellington special train" my father-in-law was seriously ill in Mumbai and my wife had to rush off, leaving my 4 year old daughter with me. I was a predicament as to how to take care of my daughter without missing the trip. I took courage and put up a "service request" to allow my daughter to travel with me in the train from Mettupalayam to Mumbai as it was the first halt of the train. My Syndicate DS (Cdr CSV Rajan)duly forwarded my request through the Chief Instructor (Cmde Inder Bedi)to the Commandant. I was called by the Commandant, who heard me patiently, but informed me that he could not create a precedent of allowing my daughter to travel by the Wellington special train, but would grant me three days leave so that I could travel to Mumbai with my daughter on my own and join the train there. He even said that he would ensure my rail booking for the same. It was indeed a great relief for me.

    The matter did not end there. Three days before the scheduled departure of the train I was waiting at the Wellington Bus stop to catch a bus to Mettupalayam and thence to Coimbatore, when the General's car drove past us. After going a short distance the car stopped and was reversed towards me. When the car stopped, I came to attention and saluted the General. He immediately asked me, "aren't you going to Bombay (Mumbai) with your daughter?" I replied in the affirmative. He asked me to enter the car with my daughter. To be frank I was "shell-shocked" as I had never had such a 'close encounter' with an Army General. During the two and a half hour drive to Coimbatore, while I maintained a respectful silence, my little daughter was "jabbering" away with the General. In Coimbatore the General went straight to the Sulur airport and directed his Staff Officer to drop us at the railway station and to ensure that we had our rail booking confirmed. The rail booking was indeed confirmed and we travelled to Mumbai and I caught up with the Wellington special at VT station.

    On completion of the Bharat Darshan, I did write a note of thanks to the General who without fail acknowledged the same.

    This incident has had an indelible mark on me as I had always pictured Army Generals to be tough task masters, keeping a straight face requiring a junior officer to keep a safe distance.

    Dear General Balaram Sir, while I pray for the eternal repose of your soul, I salute you for the various values that you have instilled in us while we were student officers at the great institution of the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington. As Cdr Arun Saigal has said we did put into practice those values, when we took command of ships and headed any shore establishment. I am sure many an alumni of DSSC Wellington would have a touching story about late K Balaram

    Cdr Hector Poppen

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Lt Gen K Balaram, PVSM

    The passing away of Lt Gen K Balaram has been so sudden and come as a shock to all those who knew him.

    He was a highly professional and able Signal Officer, an intellectual and a thinker; who took his Profession of Arms very seriously. Some of his peers called him “Professor” recognizing his tremendous knowledge and the ability to bring it to bear in dealing with important matters!!

    An electronics engineer of high technical acumen, who had mastered the intricacies of signal communications. He designed the famous Balaram Aerial for increasing the range of VHF radio communications which came so handy during 1965 War and subsequently. At the same time a devout student of art of warfare. Commanded a brigade and division so ably and was instructor at the Infantry School and Commandant Defence Services Staff College where he left his indelible mark.

    Later when he was the Adjutant General, he could take on the Ministry of Defence big wigs on equal terms. As the Vice Chancellor of Kurukshetra University after retiring from the Army, he put this institution of learning on very sound footing.

    Gen Balaram was upright, humane, kind hearted and friendly. He was man of few words, simple in habits and down to earth. Fond of playing golf and liked to tinker with mechanical and electronics items.

    I had known Gen Balaram since 1953, when he was an instructor at the then School of Signals, now MCTE at Mhow. One was so impressed with his professionalism and dedication even then.

    Contributions made by Gen Balaram to the Army and the Corps of Signals will be remembered for long. The Corps will miss his presence and sage advice.

    Our deepest condolences to Mrs, Balaram and family members. May God rest the departed soul in peace.

    Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh
    Former Signal Officer–in-Chief and Senior Colonel Commandant

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Lt Gen K Balaram PVSM

    We Cannot see a forthright & True Signalman-Soldier Better than Him. An upright fearless Officer- an embodiment of Mastery in all Military Matters. WE Pray for his soul to rest in Peace.
    Brig NS Vasavan, VSM

    Dear Sir,
    We pray to The Almighty to give peace to the departed soul of General Balaram and strength to all dear and near ones to bear this irreparable loss.
    OP Sharma

    It is with great turbulence I learn the sad demise of Lt Gen K Balaram PVSM, an epitome of high principals and high values in Army. With his passing away not only the Corps of Signals but the Army has lost a devout soldier General. I had brief interactions with him on couple of occasions and am unable to forget his concern for all. We pray that his soul rests in peace and God grant strength to his family members to bear the loss.
    Col JL Chatterji

    Pl convey my heart felt condolences to all members of Late Gen Balaram's family.
    Although I am not from Corps of Signals, Gen Balaram & we were neighbours, living next door to each other, when he was posted in Army HQ as a Lt Gen. His presence will be missed by all of us especially when it is needed most.
    Maj Satish Khanna (Retd)

    Please convey our heart felt condolences to the family of Gen Balram.
    Gen Balram was a Gen with principles who valued values in high esteem and is an epitome of prosperity. A gen of impeccable integrity who always stood by the value system and principle who improved quality of life of the soldiers. Praying to Almighty God so that his soul may rest in peace.
    With regards
    Col K V Velayudhan

    LT GEN Krishnaswami Balaram PVSM

    From: Arun Saigal
    Sent: 16 February 2010 19:26
    Dear Kamboj Sir,
    It was with a lump in my throat that I read out the sad news of Lt Gen Balaram's passing away to my wife this morning. Another stalwart has gone...
    I would like to share a memory with you.

    Maj Gen Balaram succeeded Maj Gen Mohinder Singh as Commandant Defence Services Staff College (DSSC) Wellington in 1982 soon after we reported for the staff course. Maj Gen Mohinder Singh used to run DSSC with a firm hand. For mid career young officers it was a great achievement to be selected for the course and a feather in one's cap to be graded DS (Directing Staff) material. Gen Mohinder Singh's legacy was that officers must be taught to obey rules and regulations scrupulously and any deviation or slackness would invite adverse comment / negative marking. The introductory talk by the BGS to us was overawing. It was the jewel which crowned the very surgically precise joining instructions which we had received earlier. Constantly improved over years of feedback and experience, the DSSC joining instructions are a role-model of outstanding staff work and minor SDs. Everything in them is well thought out. Detailed instructions & guidelines are articulated in well formed centre headings, group and para headings, using words & language which leaves no room for doubt.

    The list of Donts spelt out by the BGS in his welcoming speech was exhaustive. It made us white uniform walllahs sit up and re-think whether we were really going to enjoy a year's sabbatical from the navy. We had all dreamt of a welcome break from the tough navy life and a year of regular family life in the exotic surroundings of a beautiful, quaint old hill station in the Nilgiris where time is reported to stand still.

    Soon we began to reminisce about our initial days at NDA and about taut army discipline once again You see, the naval service is quite informal in many respects. One does not have to stand to attention all the time while speaking to senior officers; passing salutes are generally exchanged only upto noon and when they are, it is not necessary that you have a cap on your head, and so on. The coastal climate does not encourage one to invest in three-piece suits or many silk Saree's for the spouse....We felt a wee bit stifled at regimented routine and the lack of creative freedom.

    But our fears were short-lived. Maj Gen Balaram came on to the scene without a swagger and swatch. A quiet unassuming, studious looking senior officer, he quietly observed the daily life for a couple of days and then made an unforgettable speech which showed how humane and perceptive he was. We took our seats in the main auditorium well before the appointed time, decked in our Sunday best, dreading what was to come. Though young in service, we were well-aware that traditionally a new hand at the helm always meant an across-the board tightening-up in any service. There was an unusual silence as we awaited the customary pep talk and a pronouncement of a fresh list of do's & don'ts by the new commandant.

    But what he said that evening remains forever etched in my memory. He spoke in fatherly terms and advised us to make use of the opportunity to spend a year with our family in that wonderful place to renew bonds with family and make new friends. He advised us to study hard, think creatively, question the 'greens' (the staff solutions) and come up with better ones. In our spare times we should play hard and utilise the recreational facilities of the institution to the fullest. He told us that our Directing Staff were mature senior officers who knew how to recognise the potential in us and that we should not be too-conscious of our gradings by them. We should consider them our gurud who were there to guide us to develop skills and abilities to become assets as future staff officers in higher formations.

    He informed us that recognising that we were all fairly senior and mature officers, he had issued a specific directive to his staff earlier in the day. The staff were there to assist and guide us to develop our full potential. Henceforth, they were required to minimise the burden and routine chores of 'personal adm' from our shoulders so that we could devote our energies to the primary task of studying. He streamlined the requistioning of transport to ferry the sick and the womenfolk from far off residential areas like Gorkha Hills and ensured easy access to medical facilities for the families so that we did not have to absent from class for these purposes. The doorstep supply of service rations and daily necessities from the market (Needs, near MRC) etc etc also became well organised and left the men-folk with more time and energy to think and turn in better solutions.

    Above all (and this was a stunner) he said he had issued instructions that no one in the college had the power to say 'No' to the mature and responsible officers undergoing staff course. The buck for turning down a request for a sudden trip to Coimbatore to receive a family member, to take a couple of days leave to see an ailing parent, to requisition transport etc etc stopped at the Commandant's desk. If you got a No, it meant that it was his considered decision as head of our family and must be obeyed. All other officers of the DSSC had the power only to say YES and with that was implied their responsibility to ensure that students never faced problems - personal or professional.

    It was a great thought. We worked hard and we played hard. Personally, I felt that the overall quality of our professional output notched up many times. I practiced his philosophy about the power to say no in subsequent life and always had good results. It was a facet of leadership that he had passed on to us. In the evening of his life sometimes I met Gen Balaram in a seminar or in the lawns of the Delhi Gymkhana Club. It was always an honour to re-introduce myself every time and to thank him for that unforgettable year in DSSC. Ever the courteous and caring senior officer, he never forgot to enquire about my well-being and about my family as if he knew them. Though in failing health himself, he always said that although he was not sure what he could do for me, I should feel free to call on my former commandant for a helping hand.

    If memory serves me right, once after his retirement he was hand-picked by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to personally assess the ground truth and give her a factual account of what had happened in Orissa- I seem to recall that it was a case of starvation deaths or atrocities on dalits and that the administration was trying to cover it up. She probably trusted the General's sense of fair play and his integrity to put in a true report of the reality as he saw it.

    As a naval officer I salute my old commandant. I am fortunate that I got a chance to meet him. May his soul rest in peace and may his spirit guide us to develop our faculties for original and creative thinking. Perhaps I may yet invent a follow-on to the famous Balaram aerial!!!
    Best regards,
    (Cdr Arun Saigal)

    Lt Gen K Balaram PVSM

    Dear Friends,
    I am sad to inform you that a great soldier of Indian Armed Forces– Lt Gen K Balaram, PVSM, is no more among us. I am waiting for detailed information from Dte Gen of Signals on the subject.
    We pray to The Almighty to give peace to the departed soul and strength to all dear ones and near ones to bear this irrparable loss.
    Those of you who wish to write a "Shradhanjli" for Gen Balaram, may kindly send it for being posted to our weblog -
    The Shradhanjli be kindly emailed to - Col James Kanagaraj, The Moderator at -
    In sorrow
    Chander Kamboj

    From: Barin Ghose
    With the passing away of Lt Gen Balaram an institution associated with personnel of the Army and the Armed Forces has ended.
    I was associated with him when as Chairman PPOC he guided the Pay Commission Cells of the three services in the submission of their memorandum to the 4th Pay Commission. Of specific rememberance to me was his interest in the job evaluation of the other ranks to establish their pay groups. He had the interests of army personnel close to his heart.
    He became the first and perhaps only AG to be granted Vice Chief status
    The last time I interacted with him was at a seminar at USI when he was Chairman of the Panel to discuss our approach to the recently composed 6th Pay Commission. It was like old times when he ticked me off for exceeding the time limit by 35 seconds.
    May his soul RIP (Rest In Peace)
    Vice Admiral Barin Ghose (Retired)
    Head Pension Cell

    Monday, February 8, 2010

    Lt Col Komal Singh

    08 Feb 2010.
    Dear Signallers,
    I am sad to inform you about the demise of IC-20629 Lt Col Komal Singh, Signals Veteran. He breathed his last in Fortis Hospital, Mohali, at 2031 hrs on 04 Feb 08. He was cremated on 05 Feb 08.
    Next of Kin: Mrs Bala Komal Singh, wife
    Please see the email received from Col NS Ahuja, appended below for more details.
    Those of you who wish to write a "Shradhanjli", may kindly send it for being posted to our weblog -
    The Shradhanjli be kindly emailed to - Col James Kanagaraj, The Moderator at -
    We pray to Almighty to give peace to the departed soul and strength to all near ones and dear ones to bear this irreparable loss.
    In sorrow -
    Chander Kamboj.

    Sad demise of Lt Col Komal Singh
    Dear Brig Kamboj,
    Sadly, another Signal officer Lt Col Komal Singh has gone. He had been suffering from for a while and was admitted in Fortis Mohali. He breathed his last at 2031h on 04 Feb 2010. The cremation was done in Chandigarh the next day.
    Commissioned on 03 Jan’64 In the Corp of Signals, Komal is survived by his wife Mrs Bala and two sons, both in the Army. Knowing Komal intimately for over forty years, I would say that he was a great human being with a golden heart. He was a disciplined, honest and forthright officer who loved army life. He had very endearing nature and was genuinely interested in human bonding. He led a simple lifestyle. He was blessed with a sterling memory for names, faces and figures. I would always envy him and admire him for this wonderful quality and would often plead for tips. In his departure, I have lost a great personal friend, philosopher and guide. And a Jigri dost.
    The bhog ceremony will be held in Sector 8 Gurudwara Chandigarh, on 11 Feb 10, from 1200h to 1300h.
    In mourning,
    Col Narendar S Ahuja (Retd)

    Departure of Col Komal Singh, proud father of two young army officers, at a comparatively young age, is a great loss to all veterans, particularly Signallers. MAY THE DEPARTED SOUL REST IN PEACE.
    May GOD GIVE COURAGE and strength to his wife and children to bear the loss and continue to cherish with pride the values he stood for.
    Brig G Natarajan, Signals