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Dear Members of the Corps of Signals fratenity,
With grief we are posting details of our colleagues who leave for their heavenly abode. We request members to forward their "shradhanjali". Kindly share with us the photographs, fond memories and association.
We await tributes from associates/ course mates for publication.
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  • Monday, January 7, 2008

    Brig TS Chowdhary

    I am shocked to learn about the sudden and untimely passing away of our dear and respected colleague, Brig TS Chowdhary. In fact I met his son very recently and he was telling me, "Dad was doing fine"!!

    TS was a very lively person, full of humor. Accordingly, he was very popular with his peers and troops. Brig Chowdhary was also a good professional officer, highly intelligent and dedicated.

    His passing away is a great loss to the Corps, his Family and friends. Our deepest sympathies with the Family members.

    Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh, PVSM (Retd)
    Former Signal Officer-in-Chief

    Sunday, January 6, 2008

    Brig MM Trivedi

    During my tenure as CO Central Comd Sig Regt, Brig MM Trivedi (then Capt) joined the unit after completing the SODE course with distinction. His outstanding performance on the degree course speaks for itself and leaves little for me to say about his intelligence and professional knowledge. He was a man of few words but could act decisively and delivered results. He let it be known that high IQ people can conduct themselves without arrogance and can be extremely pleasant to work with. I remember him for his uncanny ability of handling matters connected with civilian staff in the signal centre. The Corps has lost a great communicator.

    Sharad Paranjape

    Lt Col Sylvester D'Souza Marg

    Wife of Lt Col Sylvester, Marina from Goa writes:

    Sylvester's colleagues through Report My Signal Blog and via e-mail have been very supportive. I was touched that they shared their fond memories of him with me.You will be glad to know that the road in front of our house will be named after Sylvester--"Lt. Col. Sylvester D'Souza Marg". Inauguration of this naming will be on 26th Jan 2008.
    Wishing you all the best in the New Year.
    Best regards,

    Col Paranjape writes:

    I have just learnt from Mrs. Marina D'Souza that the street on which Sylvester lived is being named "Lt Col Sylvester D'Souza Marg" on 26th Jan 2008. All signallers would be proud to know that his community has decided to perpetuate the memory of a Signals Officer in such a dignified manner.
    Sharad Paranjape