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Dear Members of the Corps of Signals fratenity,
With grief we are posting details of our colleagues who leave for their heavenly abode. We request members to forward their "shradhanjali". Kindly share with us the photographs, fond memories and association.
We await tributes from associates/ course mates for publication.
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  • Friday, February 19, 2010

    Lt Gen K Balaram

    1. I am shocked to learn about the demise of Gen Balaram. Pray for the his peaceful heavenly abode. I am sure he would have got the best place in the heaven for he was a very dutiful citizen of the God.
    2. I share your views about his running the Staff college. I was also present then doing DSSC 38 Course in 1982. Till date I emulate his teachings. Later when I was DS in 1995-98, I tried to emulate him. As a disciple of his, I could manage to follow not even 10% of what he taught us. He was a genuine person with no airs about him. Once, while returning from Coonoor, I noticed that near the bridge (WGC), he was changing the punctured wheel of his old Lambretta scooter himself. He refused help from us.
    3. I also remember, the present form of AWHO is his creation. It was not practical when we were contributing Rs 100 per month. He changed to the present form which has become roaring success.
    4. I also happened to meet him later when he was the VC of the Krukshetra University. We nostalgically recounted our staff college days.
    5. I consider him as one of my Guru, from whom, I learnt to be a human being.
    God Bless His Soul.
    ब्रिगडियर (रिटाइर्ड) सत्येन्द्र कुमार, सेना मेडल
    Brig (Retd) Satyendra Kumar, SM